Why you should hire a Marketing Consultant

22 June 2017

Let's face it: marketing is tough. Every decision counts. Whilst good at your job, there are times where a third person perspective is needed. Hiring a consultant can be a great way to see things from a different angle, and can be a very different experience than hiring a marketing agency.


Lets get straight to the point: Marketing is a difficult: especially digital marketing.

Running at break neck speeds, it often feels like a new metric; a new platform or even a new social channel is being released on a weekly basis. With little to no forewarning, digital marketers up and down the country, let alone across the continent and further a field, are chasing their tails trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t. For many marketing managers and business owners, making the right decision is daunting, overly complex and time consuming.

What’s worse; whilst travelling at lightspeed during these brexitorientated times, small mistakes can be costly and the success or failure of your business hangs by a thread.

If you feel like you can relate to this, then it is time you hire a marketing consultant.

Agency v consultant

So you may be asking yourselves what the difference is between this ‘marketing consultant’ and the flashy design agency you have on the books. Firstly, a consultant isn’t driven to sell a brand new website or hundreds of hours of design time. Their role is to provide guidance and advice and make recommendations as to where budget could be spent or reigned in if required. Secondly, unlike many agencies, they take a 3rd person perspective and may not always agree with you from the outset. Specialists in observing what maybe too close for you to see, it is their role to not only point out your strengths, but also your weaknesses – however hard they are to digest.

Not the agency

Here at Hyper Pixel, we don’t see ourselves as an ‘Agency’ – in fact we haven’t deployed an agency model to our business structure for this very reason. Instead we refer to ourselves where possible as a ‘studio’ run by digital or creative consultants. Our director James, a marketing consultant, works very hard to stress this and also doesn’t sit behind a wall of staff or account managers preventing you from speaking with him.

Instead, if you hire us, we try very hard to break the ‘agency’ regime by working in your office! Where else is better to absorb your company structure than inside your own business premises? We often work at your location so that we can break down the ‘this and them’ mentality and become a seamless integration with your staff.

We objectively work with you to review your marketing, online efforts and make recommendations as to what you could do differently. We do this, as unlike agencies, we do not devote all of our time as a ‘design factory’ and instead focus on personal development. We are constantly learning new concepts, new tools and new strategies. So unlike others, we come equipped with a wealth of knowledge and power aimed at improving and enhancing.

And finally, there is the personal touch. As a marketing consultant, we are more than a team of people churning out design after design. We get to know you; feel your business; and are constantly striving to perfect your aims and objectives.

So if analytical statistics or UX audits are getting too much, give us a call. We’ll sit with you, for as long as you need and work out how we can help, improve and encourage the right sort of marketing strategy in your organisation.