Technical Code Audit and Review

Gain insight into the quality, stability and scalability of your source code with a comprehensive technical audit.

Getting you back on track

Software projects can stall for a number of reasons; however our team of app specialists and technical engineers are here to get you back on track.

A lack of maintenance; poorly written code; an illogically structured codebase or a lack of best practice are all contributing factors as to why your mobile project maybe failing. Hyper Pixel can help get you to where you want to be with a technical audit. Acting as an independant third party; we can audit and review your project from the inside out, comments on:

  • Quality - how well built is your project? Does it follow best industry practice?
  • Scalability - will your project grow as your business grows? Is it scalable on cloud platforms?
  • Maintainability - has your codebase been well looked after, and how difficult will it be to maintain going forwards?
  • Affordability - how much will your codebase cost to continue working with as it ages? Did you recieve good value for money from your current agency?

Why opt for a code review?

As an independant third party, we'll tell you exactly how it is - leaving no stone unturned and delivering an unbiased report that highlights the good and bad parts of your project.

Our reports are detailed and objective, equiping you with knowledge and power on how to steer your project back on course. Customers ask us for a technical audit when they are experiencing a relationship breakdown with their current development agency; or when their own internal teams are struggling to identify bugs or quality issue. Sometimes customers may need a third party perspective to help resolve a dispute, or require an assessment on their long term investment options.

The knowledge contained within a technical audit can help businesses prioritise budget and team size; determine support and maintenance strategies; identify technical debt and help decide if new feature development should take place or not.

Technical Audit Costs

A technical audit and report is a cost effective option when your project maybe demonstrating a lack of results or obstacles.

Many businesses will seek help when:

  • Their current agency is struggling to produce results
  • Costs for relatively simple work is high
  • Lead times are longer than expected
  • Your project has a high number of bugs and quality is low
Core benefits

A technical audit by Hyper Pixel will include:

  • A dedicated software engineer to review your codebase
  • A review into the app code and backend server API
  • A find report detailing best practice, expected structure and observed issues
  • Recommendations on how to improve your project
  • A two week turn around time
How much does a report cost?

A technical audit is a one-off task and takes two weeks to complete. The costs for a technical audit are:

Report costs:


Frequent App Audit Questions

  • How long does an audit take?

    It typically takes two weeks from the point of commencing an audit to delivering the report. During this time, we'll dig deep into your codebase and write up our recommendations.

  • Is the report easy to understand?

    Our reports serve two core purposes: to share knoweldge with non-technical product owners about the quality of their codebase, whilst also detailing in technical language issues we observed and what solutions and resolutions are needed to correct any issues identified.

    As a result the report will contain a mix of easy to understand langauge that summarises any issues identified, whilst also detailing enough for future engineers to rectify any issues.

  • Will you discuss the findings in a meeting?

    Yes. We'll host several meetings with you during the report. Our first meeting will be to outline what we plan to do, so you'll understand exactly where we'll be focusing our time. Two-thirds into the report we'll schedule our next meeting with you to share any top level findings. And finally, once the report has been completed and handed over to you, we'll arrange a meeting to discuss our findings and provide you with an opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

  • How will a technical audit and code quality report help me?

    Clients who have a technical report are equiped with knowledge on how well their project is written. Code qulity will impact long term maintenance costs; current and future security issues; the impact of a changing sector; and indicate if you've been recieving value for money from your current development agency.

    Our reports are aimed to help identify issues that perhaps your current supplier maybe unaware of - or maybe choosing not to share with you. They are useful to help you understand short, medium and long term budgets needed for continual development purposes, and if you should continue to invest in the code.

  • Is this the same as a PEN test?

    No. Our audits are not the same as a penetration test (PEN test) and will not cover the same investigation path. Whilst our audits will highlight identified security and GDPR concerns, they are not an alternative for proper PEN testing.

    Our audits may highlight security issues that we'll discover during the audit, and we'll advise you on the impact to you and exposure as a business. Any security concerns raised may require further investigation (such as a PEN test) to fully identify the issues and their severity.

  • What development languages do you audit?

    We primiarily focus on Flutter/Dart for mobile, but can also cover Swift, Objective-C, Kotlin and Java too. For backend services, projects written in .NET, Node (Javascript/Typescript) and PHP are covered.

  • What will you require in order to complete an audit?

    We typically ask for codebase access (via source control / GitHub / BitBucket) however we can also work with code sent directly to us. Being able to run the code helps alot - so any details on your staging environments is also useful. Details on your CI/CD process and databases are also ideal.