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Creating beautiful, powerful and revenue generating websites for the UK's most aspiring businesses.

Our responsive powered websites are designed to work on desktop, tablets and mobile devices. From Single Page Applications (SPA's), Progressive Web Apps (PWA's) all the way through to WordPress brochure websites, we have a web based solution that will work for you.

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Web Development

Your website works hard all year round to promote and advertise your business online, even whilst you sleep

Hyper Pixel equips businesses with the latest in custom themed WordPress sites and static website designs - all coded in house by our software engineers. Our dedication and determination to deliver only the higest quality ensures everything we produce generates measurable results.

We start each website by asking you: “what do you want to achieve after launch“. We start at the end and work our way back, piecing together each aspect of your website from design, functionality and launch.

Mobile Friendly

All of our websites are coded to be 'responsive' so that they readjust and reposition their content depending on the size of the screen.

Creatively Designed

Our designs are as unique and as varied as our clients: offering a graphic language to suit hospitality to manufacturing, professional services to entertainment sectors.

SEO Optimised

Each page we develop and launch has been technically SEO optimised to ensure the best chances of being indexed and ranked by Google.


We also build revenue generating ecommerce websites: equiping you with everything needed to sell online.

Our tech-stack

Industry standard tooling.

Our websites are coded with industry standard frameworks and libraries.

This means your project is easily supported, easily maintained and inline with industry expectations.

Reliable Hosting

Hyper Pixel provides the full solution: not only creating your site, but also taking care of it post-launch.

We provide cost effective and reliable hosting solutions based on UK servers: offering a much needed SEO boost by serving your website nearer to your target market. Our hosting services are straight-forward and simple yet include premium level features such as 6-hourly backups as part of the service. Starting from £29 per month, we provide a cost effective yet reliable service that rivals have trouble matching.

Website hosting from:

£29+VAT / PCM

Customer Quotes

Fees = value generated / time
+ technical competency

Static Single Page



What's included:

  • Static 1 page website
  • No Content Management
  • Full service: design & development
  • Free first year hosting
  • Get your website built within 2 weeks
  • Free account management
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WordPress Site



What's included:

  • 8 template website
  • Content Management via WordPress
  • Full service: design & development
  • Free first year hosting
  • Get your website built within 6 weeks
  • Free account management
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What's included:

  • WooCommerce shop website
  • Content Management via WordPress
  • Full service: design & development
  • Free first year hosting
  • Get your website built within 8 weeks
  • Free account management
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Frequent Web Development Questions

  • Should I choose a static site?

    A static website is a great choice for clients that require a small promotional style website and recognise that they wont be updaing it regularly post-luanch. Because static sites do not include a content management system (CMS) you will be unable to make edits to the site after it has launched; however the cost savings from not having to commision the integration of a CMS are vast, giving you the capitol to later commision edits if you need.

    A static website is also faster to build, quicker and more performant to serve to your users and can sometimes be more optimised for SEO reasons.

    A simple 1-4 page static website is ideal for startups or small businesses.

  • What is a Content Management System (CMS)?

    A content management system (or CMS for short) is a part of your website that allows you to edit its content. A common CMS is WordPress which originally started as a blogging platform but over the years has grown into the 'go-to CMS of choice' and is currently used by over 455 million websites across the globe.

    A CMS allows you to add new pages, edit content on each page, and regularly update your site with news, products and information.

  • Do I need a WordPress website?

    A WordPress website is an ideal add-on for businesses looking to make regular edits of their website. Hyper Pixel highly recommends WordPress if you plan to regularly update news, blog posts or product information on your site, as it allows you to do this in-house without the need to commision the work via a studio like us.

    However, based on expereince, Hyper Pixel regularly sees WordPress enable sites that are rarely used to their full potential. As a result we will recommend if you should or should not have a WordPress site after speaking with you; based on your circumstances and requirements as a business.

  • Why do your websites cost more than a £50 theme?

    There are many website themes' online that can be acquired for roughly £50 each and whilst on the face of it these may look like a bargain, it is important to remember a few key difference compared with a Hyper Pixel website:

    • Hyper Pixel will design a unique website that is 100% original and never used before
    • our websites are coded from the ground up: meaning they are SEO optimised and will save you money on technical SEO, AdWord campaigns and future maintenance in the future
    • our work is of a higher quality because the solution we'll develop for you is unique to you; we dont provide you with a solution that has been stretched to accomodate thousands of other buyers
    • our fees include all of the account management, setup time, 1 years free hosting, domain name management and SEO W3C and site audit checks
    • our fees also cover all of the small reqests in order to tailor your site to your needs (something you can't do when using a template or pre-built theme)
    • and finally, our expertise ensures your site will run smoothly, doesn't error and does exactly what you need it to for your business.
  • What other things do I need to consider?

    Hyper Pixel is a specialist web design studio and has over a decade of experience when it comes to designing and developing commercial websites. We take care of the entire journey and will recommend when we reuqire feedback. We work with a wide spectrum of clients; some of which perfer to be highly involves, whilst others would rather leave some of the decisions to us.

    Typical things to consider that are above and beyond the standard website fees are copywriting and custom image editting.

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