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Mobile apps offer the most supreme digital experience available, and open up a direct one-to-one communication channel with your customer base. We specialise in Apple iOS and Google Android apps, natively written and fully managed.

Apps can do many things, from route mapping to sharing information. An app for your business increases brand engagement, provides an outlet for speech and customer conversions.


The ultimate in user experience

Apps come in many shapes and forms, from those that map-data to those which sell goods and services. However unlike a website, apps typically provide a single purpose or narrow set of functionality. The focus allows them to be targeted and offer a great user experience, without compromising on what they offer.

App Design

Our app designs are laced with UX principles to ensure they are easy to use and straight forward to interact with. We mix industry standard design principles with cutting edge visuals to create stunning screens that are vibrant, clean and informative. We design each screen with care so that they work not only on a visual level, but are also functional and engaging to use.

Native Apps

Whilst there are many types of apps, we offer only the highest in build quality. We achieve this by only developing native applications, using only the recommended source code provided by Apple and Google. The end result is a sturdy and stable app that lasts the test of time.

Ecommerce (m-commerce)

Taking note of Amazon, Argos, ASOS and more, many of the big shopping platforms know all to well that a well designed and feature packed app-store is a sure fire way to boost revenue and sales. We integrate with the worlds leading content management and stock management systems to offer a mobile app that can sell your product quickly and easily.

By equipping your brand with mobile-commerce, you provide an opportunity to see your goods whilst shopper is sitting on the sofa, one the commute to work or whilst on holiday. Unlike a website, an app can offer a more customised experience, is a format optimised for the small screen.

Features & Functions

Apps are powerful and can do many things. For example, apps can provide routes and directions via map integration; they can playback video and audio; display advanced animations and effects; manipulate images and wallpapers; send data back to a central server; play both 2D and 3D games and even integrate augmented (AR) and virtual reality (VR).

With so many options to choose from, we will guide you with an interactive digital-workshop and recommend what features are needed in order to archive your marketing goals.

Push Notifications

By offering both Google Android apps, and Apple iOS apps for iPhone and iPad, we can equip you with a platform to send push notifications straight into the pockets of your customers. No other medium offers this level of instantaneous personalisation and communication.


Analytics are a powerful tool in any marketing strategy. We can equip our apps with advance analytic recording features so that you can build up user profiles quickly and easily. We can provide insight as to what features or functionality are most used, whilst also recommending sale opportunities or engagement successes.

Cost Effective

Our cost effective application development is aligned for your marketing budget. Click the link below to view our typical app costs.

How much does an app cost?

The cost of an app is purely dependent on its functionality. Whilst it is difficult to price every eventuality, we believe in complete transparency with you, and have therefore detailed typical app costs. By doing this, we hope you can see the true value in what we offer, and how this aligns with your own marketing budgets.

To view how much an app costs, click the link:

View Typical App Costs


Hyper Pixel's knowledge of app development was second to none and I highly value his opinions on the current and future state of mobile.

Wayne Taylor -

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Service: Mobile iOS & Android App Development
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Mobile iOS & Android App Development

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