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From internal utility and employee tools to consumer facing mobile experiences: we specialise in mobile app development in the heart of East Anglia.

With over 10 years of trading experience, we've helped brands across the country with their app based projects: launching iOS, Android, Web and Windows applications.

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Solutions for all industries

We work within the most diverse industries: from tourism and leisure to medical and health.

Our mobile focus helps our clients use cutting edge technology to solve their business problems and maximise opportunity. Every app that leaves our studio is laced with user-experince brilliance: designed to maximise customer usage and retention.


We've worked with some of the most upstanding universities and education providers across the country, helping with their ed-tech mobile platforms.


We've helped construction and engineering firms visualise their work in three-dimensions and use AR to gain perspective of their work.

Fitness & Wellbeing

We built one of the worlds leading fitness and exercise tracking apps for an AI powered running company.

Medical & Health

We've worked with the NHS and mental health charities to help those who need either physical or mental health support.

Some of our past projects

Whilst our clients are varied and unique, we apply our winning approach to each of them to find the best marketing and mobile solutions.

Each business we work with has seen positive long term results by either demonstrating their MVP for future seed and A-series funding; or by generating organic revenue that has allowed them to continue developing their business.

Find out a little more about some of our past projects and how we helped them launch their mobile project.

Our tried and tested process

Our refined and well oiled process has been tried and tested on countless projects and results in a seemless approach delivery expereince for our clients. As part of the service, you'll recieve:

  • Discovery to fact find your project requirements by inviewing key stakeholders and holding workshops.
  • Scoping including use cases; technical specification documentation; and user expereince wireframing.
  • Design of your project so you know exactly what each screen will look like before we start coding.
  • Source code safely stored in version control: giving you total peace of mind that your investment is backed up and secure.
  • Testflight demo apps released weekly, allowing you to see progress in near real time as we work on your project.
  • Support post release helping to keep your project up to date and secure.

Our tech-stack

Industry standard tooling.

We code in the most common, highest quality frameworks and languages.

We do this so that your app is built to last, is secure and reliable: lowing maintenance costs and barriers to enhance your project in the future.

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Fees = value generated / time
+ technical competency

Basic App



What's included:

  • Basic app like a calculator
  • No user accounts & Logins
  • No server side data storage
  • Full service: design & development
  • Launch onto the app stores
  • Get ypur app built within 5 months
  • Free account management
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Moderate App



What's included:

  • Moderate apps like a News / Weather
  • User accounts & Logins
  • Store data on a server
  • Full service: design & development
  • Launch onto the app stores
  • Get ypur app built within 4 months
  • Free account management
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Advanced Platform App



What's included:

  • Advanced apps like Social Media
  • User accounts & Logins
  • Store data on a server
  • Full service: design & development
  • Launch onto the app stores
  • Get ypur app built within 4 months
  • Free account management
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Frequent App Development Questions

  • Is a mobile app right for my business?

    Mobile apps are small pieces of software that solve a problem or maximise an opportunity. What makes apps great solutions compared with web tools is when you require a seamless user expereince or data provided by the mobile handset. For example, if you app requires regular and accurate GPS coordinates, or push notifications, or needs to persist a user login for expereince reasons, then a mobile app is a great choice.

    As specialists in our field, we will work with you to investigate the right solution for your problem before recommending if an app is right for your business. If it turns out that it isn't, we'll then recommend an alternative solution and advise if this is soemthing we can assist you with.

  • What else do I need to factor in?

    Mobile apps typically pull data from a database located somewhere in the 'cloud'. The database is where all of your user and project data will be stored. Typically, clients need to add, edit and update the data stored in the database and as a result require either a web-app or mobile app to manage this. When scoping out your project, we'll look into the need for you to edit your database and will recommend how this is best done. As part of the project fee, we may also develop a content management system unlocking these features to your business.

  • Do apps cost money to maintain?

    It is important to note that apps are a long term investment and will require continual maintenance, servicing and updates over time - much like a car. In order to maintain a high level of user engagement and to appease the App Stores with compatibility updates, we recommend that your app is regularly updated with new features and security fixes.

    When scoping out your project, Hyper Pixel will recommend a project roadmap and release schedule that provides regular releases, stability updates and bug fixes throughout the year; in turn keeping your user base happy and maximising engagement rates.

  • How can an app run on a desktop or in the web?

    Hyper Pixel is at the forefront of application design and development. By utilising the latest technology from Google, we are able to write a single code base in a framework called Flutter, that can then ultimately run apps on multiple platforms such as iOS, Android, the web, Windows and Mac.

    As specialists in mobile application development, we are able to deliver high quality, funactional experiences that solve your problem or oppotunity; and deliver the results on almost any operating system.

  • I have an app idea but no budget. What should I do?

    For businesses and individuals who have a great app idea but limited financial budgets at your disposal, we recommend speaking with your local startup financing firm or local small business funding programme. Surprisingly, if your app and business proposition are strong, there are many investors and seed funding programmes out there that can secure the funds you need to launch your app based project.

  • What makes you a good choice to build my app?

    Our app projects are designed from the ground up to work on Apple's iOS and Google's Android operating systems: giving you the widest possible reach on as many possible supported devices and handsets.

    We optimise each app to make use of each platforms intrinsic user interface components: from the location of where the back button should be placed, to how gestures should be used.

    By helping clients create their new mobile app, we have allowed them to launch their new business; offer new products and even boost revenue channels.

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