Strategic marketing, SEO and consultancy

We help businesses build, design and manage powerful brands online.

Let’s face it: marketing isn’t simple; especially digital marketing. As a specialists within the digital field, we aim to make the complicated simple. Our straight talking consultancy removes the techno-jargon acronyms whilst deploying a wealth of experience and systems based knowledge, acquired by working with some to the UKs leading businesses.

In Detail

Set up in 2014, the Hyper Pixel studio is a full service creative agency located in the heart of Norwich. Our proven brand strategy and depth of technical knowledge offers an unchallenged combination.

Having pioneered mobile applications since the dawn of mobile ‘apps’, Hyper Pixel’s ‘systems’ and database experience has helped many start up businesses such as Thyngs and Paperwave set up new platforms.

Working with larger established internationals including Parker HannifinWeatherquest and Spindle Productions: Hyper Pixel has provided digital solutions and marketing insight to help challenge existing markets; provide new revenue channels and deploy e-learning environments. Solving strategic problems with technical knowledge, without the confusion, is where Hyper Pixel succeeds.

With the ability to grasp technical challenges early on, Hyper Pixel can quickly offer up solutions and convey an implementation without over complicating or confusing the team. With a rare combination of business logic and creative flair, the Hyper Pixel team is unafraid to challenge old ideas; question difficult subjects and construct arguments in a positive and informative; way whilst rising above internal politics to achieve a consensus.

Our aim is to always help clients achieve their goals, using strategic creativity to deliver effective and lasting change.

Strategic marketing

Using established processes, we help businesses define their target audience; generate customer avatars; develop communication and marketing plans and help position brands in the market place.


We provide simple, affordable, informative consultation services allowing you to offload your plans; bounce ideas around and hear an impartial third perspective.

Search engine optimisation

Being found online is a difficult task, however our solid SEO services can help achieve results quickly. We tackle SEO in three ways: from a technical code perspective; from a content and copy approach; and via link building exercises.

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