Brand identity design

In a fierce and competitive market place, your brand needs to stand out. We help businesses develop new and modern brands, that are meaningful, stylish, yet simple to use. Organisations of all sizes require a thorough brand identity that provides a unified vision and tools that help everyone inside and out build upon the brand. Here at Hyper Pixel, we go further than designing stylish logos and instead tackle your brand, it’s identity and logo separately.

Our methodical approach to tackling your brand means no stone is left untouched; no question remains unanswered; and no detail escapes the brief. Our process comprises of three phases:


Phase 1: Research, vision & design brief

The most crucial part of the overall process, within this phase we dig deep into your company, speak to all key stake holders and help formulate a design brief that guides the rest of the project.  The design brief contains summaries from research, target audience avatars, messaging objectives, values and the mission of the brand. It will also include the brand’s products/services, offering budget, project schedule, file formats for delivery, and other practical needs.

Phase 2: Logo & identity guidelines

Within this phase, we develop concepts down on paper before iterating on those ideas to unlock new directions. We digitalise the most refined ideas before agreeing on a concept. We’ll then develop an identity system: a systematic visual language around the logo that compliments the design thinking and offers a family of useful, flexible elements that will help to design marketing and business collateral. We’ll then help you roll out the brand into your workplace.

Phase 3: Monitoring & review

After a new brand identity has launched, we’ll monitor and care for it, as if it’s a living and breathing thing that interacts with your customers. Over time, if your target audience shifts, the market evolves, or the brand’s products and services change, it may be time for a rebrand. The main challenge with rebranding is trying to maintain familiarity and consistency so that your customers will remember you.

Hyper Pixel is one of the most affable experts I have had the pleasure to work with. Approachable and always happy to assist, Hyper Pixel has been a tremendous mentor and teacher, sharing their wealth of knowledge and providing inspiration with regards to project work and personal development. The success of Hyper Pixel is a reflection of their personality and the passion.

Will de Spretter

Property Investor & Consultant

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