Web & App Design Services

Hyper Pixel specialises in mobile app design and website development, creating world class applications for businesses of all sizes across the UK and local to Norfolk.

Our razor sharp app focused expertise is tailored to launch new projects quickly whilst maximising customer success.

Digital Marketing Services

Services = skills +
passion * reward

Our Services

Customers choose Hyper Pixel for their App and Web based projects because we are fast, effective and good at what we do. Our services reflect this mindset: and are specifically tailored for mobile and web projects.

Everything we do is based on hard analytical fact. We won't 'woo' you with pretty visuals until we know the problem, market or opportunity. We only suggest a rock solid solution once we know your target audience. And with over 15 years of digital design and development experience behind us, you'll know your project will be in safe hands.

What's included with our services?

Clear, open, honest and transparant: no hidden fees or off-shore developers.

We aim to please by keeping everything simple and clear so you understand exactly what you're getting. What you get from us is an open relationship that is built to last.

Low Cost Account Management

Communication is key, thats why we only charge for specialist account management time only.

100% Ownership

Ownership of all code (including source code) we write will be transferred over to you.

Tried and Tested Processs

With almost a decades' experience, our tried and tested approach is geared for success.

Highest Quality

We care about what we produce, with our all our work scrutinised for excellence.

Scalable To Your Needs

We use industry leading cloud computing technology meaning as you grow, your project will too.

We're RAD

We work on Rapid Application Development principles: driving fast turn around and delivery times.

Projects = experience +
time * skillset

Our core tech stack & frameworks

High-grade industry standards.

Our websites and mobile apps are coded with the defacto industry standard frameworks and libraries: no hidden suprises & no lock-in.

This means your project is easily supported, easily maintained and inline with industry expectations. You'll be free to work with most other companies and your project will last longer than proprietary code.

  • {}app_screen.dart
  • class AppScreen extends StatefulWidget {
    • final Widget child;
    • const AppScreen({
      • Key? key,
      • required this.child,
    • }) : super(key: key);
    • @override
    • _AppScreenState createState() => _AppScreenState();
  • }
  • class _AppScreenState extends State <AppScreen> {
    • @override
    • void initState() {
      • super.initState();
    • }
    • @override
    • Widget build(BuildContext context) {
      • this.widget.child;
    • }
  • }

We paint with code

Noughts and ones are our ink and canvas: we design beautiful solutions with code.

We're passionate about what we do which is why we take care in every line of code we write. Each keystroke that builds up your app has been pressed with intent and purpose: ultimately creating a peice of digital art.

But it doesn't just stop there. We help businesses audit and verify their software with technical deep-dives and compliance reviews. We'll assess your technical debt and generate reports to highlight critial areas of risk.

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