Working with Hyper Pixel isn't about one-off projects; we partner with our clients for the long term, helping them navigate, support and continually improve their projects for months and years ahead. Thats why we provide flexible working arrangements tailored to suit your mobile project.

What's your budget?

We work with our clients to provide continual return. From designing a new project to marketing it post launch, our work continually promotes and pushes our clients forward. We do this with a monthly retainer, allowing you to budget your marketing whilst allowing us to deliver clear returns.

Use the slider below to see what you could achieve with your budgets.

low investment

moderate investment

high investment

With a monthly retainer budget of £7000 you'll recieve:

  • managed hosting for your WordPress web project with 99.9% up time guarantee
  • patches & updates on your code base at regular intervals (monthly)
  • digital training to empower your team with knowledge and skills
  • web development including new projects or enhancing existing ones
  • app development on new and existing projects: helping you enhance your applications or build new ones
  • e-commerce development and support on WooCommerce projects
  • api development and support to keep your infrastructure secure and online
  • analytics reports on a quarterly basis to provide insight and guidance on your performance
  • premium support with a rapid response time, ensuring you get the answers you need as and when you want it..
  • email marketing to help you attract new clients and engage old ones
  • A/B testing to increase engagement and user retention
  • Publishing fees so theres' no need worry about the additional cost of plugins, licenses or software renewal fees.

Monthly rate card

£7000 +VAT

Flexible monthly retainer resulting in 10 studio days plus additional project and account management time to direct towards key services provided by Hyper Pixel.

choose plan
  • Monthly retainer
  • Easy termination
  • Budget allocated to key services
  • Translates into studio days
  • Additional account and project management included on top

Frequent Retainer Based Questions

  • Do I need a retainer?

    Not all projects are better off with a retainer based project fee. Small projects, straightforward web projects and even ad-hoc maintenance can be done with fixed-fee costing. However for projects where the scope and deliverables are more ambiguous, or for start-ups or businesses lacking an internal team with the right skillset, a partnership-retainer is a great choice.

  • Can I customise the fee structure?

    Yes. The slider above is an illustration however nothing is off the table. We work to your budgets and can accomodate most requests. Talk to us so that we can investigate your requirements in a little more detail.

  • Is a retainer value for money?

    For projects that require more planning, are larger in scope, or have an open end to them, then a retainer is very cost effective. Our retainers are based on studio time but also include additional hours for project and account management - two costly services that may other agencies will charge for.

  • Can you quote with a fixed fee instead?

    Yes. Although what we'll quote for is based on a specification that we'll define upfront. If during your project the requirements change or you'd like to add new features, then this will ultimately increase your fixed-fee costs.

    With a retainer, changes in scope do not affect how much you pay each month.