Climate Vine is the UK's first metrological viticulture app - providing real time climate information for the UK's 500 vineyards. Commissioned by Weather quest, Climate Vine's ambition was to help the UK's vineyards produce better yields by offering forecast alerts and industry insights.

The Climate Vine app is powered by data from Weatherquest. The data allows users to visualise viticulture weather data unlike anything that has been done before. The interactive mapping tools allow growers to see frost, rainfall and growing-degree days within a European-wide heat-map.

Radar data visualisation allows a user to pinch and zoom to their current location in order to see cloud coverage, rainfall and more.

The app also offers forecast data for up to a week ahead and allows you to view it in an hourly, daily and even interactive-graph format.

Growers can use the app to understand when is a good time to harvest or spray their crops. They can also customise the app to display only weather conditions that are relevant to them, their vineyard or crop.