Thyngs for iOS and Android

Thyngs launched with the aim to change the way we interact with the world around us. By utilising the latest in NFC, QR, Scanning and URL technology, Hyper Pixel created two native apps, one for iPhone and the other for Android, and allows its users to interact with ordinary objects.

Thyngs for iOS and Android have ‘connectivity’ at heart. The apps launch page start with a camera view finder – allowing users to scan QR and barcodes of Thyngs they can interact with. However the connectivity goes further than this. With iBeacon integration users can experience Thyngs as they approach an object or receive a targeted push notification as they leave it. The app also features URL integration and NFC ‘tap to reveal’ functionality on Android.

The Thyngs platform partners with a wide range of clients, from Cancer Research UK to local charities and businesses.

The app opens up to reveal a camera view-finder, aimed at prompting people to start scanning Thyngs around them.

The app allows users to see other Thyngs around them thanks to mapping functionality. This allows a user to come into contact with many more Thyngs than their own interactions. The maps are interactive and allows a user to pinch and pull to zoom and also tap on a map-pin to reveal more detail on that Thyng.

The Thyng logo, or Thyg icon, was designed so that it would fit a multitude of purposes. The internal space can be used for QR code placement while the edges can house messages such as ‘NFC’ or ‘EddyStone Enabled’.