Paperwave eCommerce iPhone App

Paperwave, formally Polargram, is a leading Instagram and Facebook print provider whom needed a mobile app to expand upon their existing e-commerce web store. With careful planning and a long-term roadmap, Hyper Pixel produced a profitable native iPhone app packed full of features and content.

By far our favourite client to work with, Paperwave (formally Polargram) is the iconic ‘print your instagram and facebook photos’ printer located on the coast of Norfolk. Being featured in the Press including Vogue, GQ, Tatler, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Elle, House of Coco and Product Hunt to name a few, Paperwave’s success has been attributed to their forward thinking and constantly innovating mindset.

Hyper Pixel developed a mobile app that allows users to pick their favourite photos and get them printed and delivered in a number of amazing products. From Squares to classic Retros, Paperwave’s expansion onto mobile has allowed customers to print from their home-sofa in a seamless and easy way.

The app is directly linked to Paperwave’s CMS and ordering system and can be updated remotely. A built in image editor allows users to customise and touch up their photos before sending them to be printed.

The new Paperwave mascot – the hexapus – is cute, fun and lends itself to being used in a variety of ways throughout the year: from Easter campaigns to the holidays.

The Paperwave icon symbolises not only the P from the name, but also the motion of a wave breaking.