Netcentral - implementing smart IT solutions for small and medium sized businesses. Netcentral needed a new website that modernised the brand. Hyper Pixel built a website that was clean and packed full of relevant content.

The Netcentral has two key audiences: schools and the private sector SME’s. To achieve targeting each audience with the right messaging, the site was colour coded green and light blue to illustrate to the user which page corresponded to what audience.

The rest of the site was designed in a simple yet informative tone, and underpinned with clear case studies and client testimonials.

The Sector Specific page provided content relating specifically to either Schools or Businesses. Roll overs provide some interactivity with the page whilst full colour logos reveal testimonial quotes upon hovering over them.

The case studies were designed so they they are short, concise but also packed full of detail. The colour of the page matched the audience sector, whilst a PDF download button allows a user to view more details relating to the specific case study.