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Future You

Norfolk County Council was charged with aspiring the upcoming generation with career opportunities in and around the county. The result was the Future You campaign underpinned with an Android and iPhone application.

The Future you app started by allowing a user to create a profile. Within their profile, they would define a little about them, their age group, skills and hobbies. This would then filter the data available on the app to reveal careers most applicable to their interests.

The app featured a 'hexagon' theme, and boasted slick movement and animations.

The Future You campaign was advertised online, within YouTube shorts and as part of a wider outdoors promotion on Norwich buses and billboards. The theme was ‘film’ and attempted to capture the end user into thinking about their own career and how they wanted to ‘star’ within it.

Powered by an online content management system, all of the Future You content could be managed online. From the career opportunities to the relevant skills and interests. Hyper Pixel built the CMS and Apps, and also developed a web-based version of the app for those who didn’t have a smart phone or device and instead wanted to use the internet.

The final screen within the app was an interactive ‘journey’ depicting how a user could achieve their chosen career. Stepping stones along the way provide detail about courses, experience or internships that would help an individual achieve their dream job.