Hyper Pixel:
the Norwich App Agency

Located in the heart land of Norfolk, and with a strong presence in London, we pride ourselves on high quality app development; creative ideas and digital success.

Hyper Pixel offices in Fuel Studios Norwich
mobile app offices based in Norwich
Hyper Pixel office in Fuel Studios Norwich

Creatively driven

Founded in 2014, Hyper Pixel's mission is to make every business in East Anglia succeed on mobile platforms: from responsive websites to native iOS and Android applications.

Over the past 9 years we have worked with an array of clients on over 85 projects across East Anglia and further afield. Each project we've delivered has demonstrated clear results and has reached new clients, stimulated new revenue and catapulted startups to success. We have built up a network of strong and reliable relationships that continue to flourish: proving that we are not just a digital agency, but a true long term partner and part of the team.

Passionate About Apps

Hyper Pixel is passionate about all things mobile app related: from developing mobile software on iOS to launching desktop experiences on Windows. Hyper Pixel is focused on delivering the highest quality app expereinces for businesses across the UK.

Since the launch of the app store, we saw an opportunity whereby software was no longer bound to desktop computers and business workstations. The App Store unlocked the ability to create portable tailor made software that solved real world problems outside of the home or workplace.

With the introduction of specalist hardware built into mobile phones, apps could now take advantage of high quality photography; GPS location data and even understand the movement of the device thanks to accelerometer sensors. This, compounded by the fast paced global adoption of 'smart phones' provided an opportunity to develop compelling and tailored mobile software that solved problems for businesses of all sizes.

More recently, Hyper Pixel has been utilising the newest mobile coding frameworks such as Flutter by Google. Flutter is a cross platform mobile development language that enables the targeting of multiple platform such as iOS, Android, Web, Mac and Windows all from a single code base. We see this as the future of apps; not only because of the ecconomies of scale in developing once and deploying a project in multiple locations; but because it closes the loop and allows us to develop enterprise level desktop apps, thanks to mobile technology.

Our Mission

Hyper Pixel was set up to achieve three core things.
These include:

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Hyper Pixel is a massively competent, highly organised and a talented mobile and web development team. Its been a pleasure working with them to help build the first version of our consumer App on both iOS and Android... we've now got a large global audience of user regularly using our App... thanks, Hyper Pixel!

Neil Garner

CEO of Thyngs