mCommerce – Revenue Titan

25 February 2017

The mobile share of eCommerce (mCommerce) is growing rapidly. Recent statistics of 1.4 billion eCommerce transactions from more than 3000 online retailers and travel businesses showing that 54% of mobile transactions within the US came from smartphones, of which 66% were via iPhones.


What’s causing the mobile commerce growth?

Simply put, we are. People in this fast paced and constantly demanding age of technological advances are becoming more comfortable with mobile technology. With people having everything they need in their pocket is it any surprise that people are deciding to book flights, book hotels and order products on the move?

Another major factor the goliath increase in mobile growth is the constant demand for larger screens, faster, more secure and more stable connections. However the deciding factor in mobile growth is consumer demand for more convenient ways to shop via mobile.

How significant is this growth?

Statistics show that websites that have been optimised for mobile have a conversion rate of more than double that of websites that are not optimised for mobile. Optimised sites have a conversion rate of 3.4% compared to that of non-optimised sites with just a 1.6% conversion rate.

The statistics for apps are even more spectacular calculating that for the large retailers app purchases accounted for almost 50% of of all mobile transactions. However this is due to large retails prioritising app experience for its users because of the large conversion rate when compared to mobile browser of desktop interactions.

As well as mobile growth, cross-device purchasing (transactions involving more than one device) is growing and has been shown to be 40% of all eCommerce transactions. Transactions that begin on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) before ending on desktops has been shown to be 33%, similar to that of transactions that begin on desktop and end on mobile devices at 29%. This further enforces the idea that consumers are as trusting and comfortable with mobile devices as they are with desktops and traditional PCs.