Why 2024 is a great year to build an app that saves you money

15 March 2024

The trading environment over the last few years has been turbulent at best. First the pandemic turned everything upside down; then rampant inflation which was closely followed by sky-high interest rates has eroded what little consumer and business confidence remained. All of this has eaten away at bottom lines and trading margins from every direction. However there is hope for businesses looking to make savings and increase their efficiencies in the form of tailor made business software and staff tooling.

Over the last 5 years Hyper Pixel has specialised in developing tailor made software and applications for businesses across the country; designed to increase staff productivity and lower operating costs.

Whilst most people think of ‘apps for consumers’ here at Hyper Pixel we’ve taken a different approach and worked with businesses to design custom in-house software that is tailor made for their own internal operations and employees. To demonstrate what we’ve done, here are some examples:

Franchise Timetabling Tool

In 2022 we started working with a nationwide franchise business who commissioned us to design and build a custom mobile app and web platform to assist each of their 90 franchisees across the UK. The tool helped each branch organise their customers so that they could spot ‘gaps’ in their daily schedule which provided opportunities to take on new clients.

Based on each branch gaining only one new customer a day; their return on their investment and spend with us would be less than five months – resulting in huge yearly profit gains for years to come.

Warehouse Inspection Software

In 2020 we worked with a local Kings Lynn industrial warehouse-racking inspection business that would often spend over 2-3 hours writing up each report after conducting site surveys. By working closely with their team, Hyper Pixel identified an automation opportunity. We designed and developed a mobile application that each surveyor would use and fill in during a site visit. Once a site survey was completed, instead of writing up a report over the next 3 hours, the app now automatically generates a PDF report in minutes.

The ROI for this client was vast with the project paying for itself in a matter of months. It allowed the business to increase the number of site surveys it conducted each day by up to 30% – generating additional revenue with no other fixed overhead cost.

Time-sheeting App

This year we are working with a local Norwich based homeless charity to build them a more efficient way for their 140 strong workforce to log and approve timesheets. Up till now they have been utilising excel spreadsheets and ‘pen and paper’ manual reporting – often consuming hours every week of employees and line managers time to deal and handle timesheet logging and approvals.

Our newly developed web application makes logging and approving timesheets a breeze, freeing up these wasted hours each month and allowing the charity to focus on helping those in need. As a rough guide, we’ve estimated that it will save the charity up to £2-4,000 per month in ‘employee time’ by significantly improving the speed at which timesheets are now created and processed.

Investing to save

As we push into 2024, Hyper Pixel continues to push the boundaries on what software and applications can achieve for businesses. Our services provide companies like yours the opportunity to make core time and money savings by deploying intuitive and intelligent tools for your employees.

With app-development starting costs from £20,000, getting a return on your investment can often be achieved within 12 months from launch. If you have a team in your business that you think could benefit from automating a repetitive task; or if you feel like data-visibility and clarity would help generate more revenue opportunities – then get in touch. We offer free initial scoping sessions and would welcome the opportunity to understand a little more about your business and identify how we can help.

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