Marketing Retainers

You time is precious, and your budgets even more so. We offer a one price, fixed monthly retainer in exchange for digital marketing coordination; strategy and deployment. Let us deal with promoting your brand, updating your website and conversing over social whilst you get on managing your business.

Why let choose us? We are experts in digital, have a large wealth of experience and have a long running track record of success. By coordinating your online marketing we can promote your brand; sell your products and boost your social media whilst maintaining, enhancing and improving your website, app and email marketing.


Cost Effective Marketing

By opting for a retainer, we guarantee you a lower hourly rate compared with fixed price projects. With access to all our services, a retainer allows you to budget with accuracy whilst maximising what you can achieve.

Strategy Road Map

At the start of our relationship, we will explore your goals, discuss what you want to achieve and detail how we can get there. We’ll set realistic, achievable and measurable goals and then plot out a strategic road-map.

This strategy will guide us on what tasks are deliverable, what sprints will need resource and gives you an understanding on what we plan to do.

Any Service

During the retainer, we will give you access to any service we offer. This includes but isn’t limited to:

  • Website and App Design and Development
  • On-page technical and content SEO
  • User Experience Design
  • Social Media Management
  • Email Marketing

Fixed And Accountable Budgets

We’ll work with you to recommend a budget that fits your business. This budget correlates to a fixed number of hours that we will work on your business each month.

We’ll also go a step further and outline what days we will work on your business, and deliver an end of month summary as to what we achieved, how long it took and what the next steps are.

Creative Campaigns

With an on-going retainer, we can implement season campaigns with strategic importance. From the Christmas holidays, to the school breaks: we can deliver multi-channel creative campaigns without fixed pricing getting in the way. We can continue to monitor, manage and deliver whilst reacting as the situation changes.

New Development

Why not create something new but spread the cost? A retainer is an ideal way to do just that. As all of our services are at your disposal, the monthly hours can be utilised towards new product development: including website and app design.

On-going Maintenance

Maintenance can be costly, and often perpetuates if left untouched. We also offer regular maintenance, backups and on-going support to legacy systems or app/web projects that haven’t been maintained.

Flexible, Fair & Simple

Our founding principle is to be fair, honest and to retain integrity with what we do. As a result, we will never over charge you for hours we haven’t used. At the end of a billable month, any hours that haven’t been commissioned will be distributed over the coming months, giving you reassurance that you are still receiving value for money.

This flexibility also allows us to adjust to your own work load variations throughout the year.

A Relationship That Simply Works

We strongly believe in building a relationship that is open, honest and trustworthy. As a result, you’ll speak directly with those that undertake the work on your projects. It is this level of transparency that sets us apart from others, and also gives you reassurance at the same time.

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From initial design through to completion, the process was managed fantastically throughout which made this a completely stress free experience for me

Claire Stevens - Refresh Recruitment

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