Mobile App & MVP Development Designed for Small Businesses & Startups

Launch your business and new app idea with a partner who tailors their appraoch specifically for budget conscious startups and growing small businesses.

Startup With Confidence

Hyper Pixel has been helping startups and small businesses for almost a decade setup minimal viable products and entry level platforms - helping them seek seed and series A, B and C funding or independantly launch their businesses.

As a startup developing mobile applications can be a daunting thought. As the mobile sector has boomed, knowing what route to take in order to develop your idea is tough. And if you're thinking about developing the app yourself; are you really making best use of your time when you could be selling your product or idea instead?

Hyper Pixel has a long and successful track record in helping small businesses and startups launch mobile based applications and app software platforms. Our budget focused approach ensures you'll get what you need at an affordable cost. Our streamlined processes will help to define the scope of your MVP whilst our clear cut develop approach will ensure its on time and in budget.

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The App Development Journey

Every business is unique and your requirements are too. So instead of a one size fits all appraoch, we tailor what we offer to fit your needs.

We do this with a tried and tested approach, consisting of three core phases to your project: from strategic consultancy; technical app design and development; to the delivery and launch your mobile app project.

App Launch Success Stories

From dating apps to warehouse auditing inspection apps, we've helped multiple businesses across the UK launch their company with the power of mobile

Whilst our clients are varied and unique, we apply our winning approach to each of them to find the best marketing and mobile solutions. Each business we work with has seen positive long term results by either demonstrating their MVP for future seed and A-series funding; or by generating organic revenue that has allowed them to continue developing their business.

Find out a little more about some of our past projects and how we helped them launch their mobile project.

Budgets & Lead Times

As a startup managing your time and money are crutial for success. Thats why we are open and transparent about both, allowing you to make informed decisions every step of the way.

We help small businesses build their mobile projects including companies who:

  • have an idea and wnat to build it into a business
  • are looking to expand their business offering and require an app to do so
  • want to revolutionise the market with an appm disruptor
How we help

Hyper Pixel helps statups by:

  • helping align your value proposition with strategic marketing advice
  • designing your brand identity to maximise your exposure and engagement with your target audience
  • developing a world class mobile application with skills and expereince aquired over the last decade
  • delivering clear and measurable results that are analytically tracked
How much will this cost?

We will work with you to scope out and quote for your app project so that you'll only be paying for what you need or want. However as a ball park, our app projects typically cost:

App Starting Costs:


Frequent Startup Questions

  • How many businesses has Hyper Pixel helped launch?

    Over the years, we've helped a number of 'true startups' refine their value proposition and position in the marketplace. We've helped them scope out their definition of what a minimal viable product (MVP) looks like, and draw up specifications for their front end mobile applications as well as their backend server data portals.

    Whilst we've helped many businesses, a few of the notable ones include:

    • TrainAsOne - fitness and exercise running app
    • Thyngs - charitable donations via QR codes
    • Ryze - education app delivering multimedia content to business students
    • Rack Inspect - warehouse racking and storage auditing app
    • TapDat - liberal open minded dating app
    • Paperwave - instagram photo printing delivered to your door
    • Earth System Data - climate and environment change app
    • Climate Vine - weather app aimed at viticulture
  • Why choose Hyper Pixel for my app project?

    The short answer is: you dont have too, however we hope you do. We like to work with happy and content clients who feel like they are getting real value from our work. Our years of experience helping small businesses with technical mobile app based projects means we're heavily equiped to help yours.

    Our strategic consultancy approach is tried and tested: helping you understand your business, understand its merits and unique selling points, and helps to refine your online offering before we start design and developing.

    Our low and affordable costs may not be the cheapest, but they do deliver. Our rates are fairly positioned to offer you exactly what you and your business needs without compromising on quality.

  • How long does it take to build an app?

    Hyper Pixel's aim is to design and deliver a quality app project quickly and affordably. We typically see app projects launching within 12 weeks from project start - which includes all of the strategic vision planning; scoping; wireframing, design and UX planning; visually desinging the app; development; testing and launch.

    Whilst 12 weeks is a ball park, we will design a launch strategy that works with your timelines including the possibilities of launching in a phased approach.

  • How much does it cost to build an app?

    App based projects can vary considerably in cost depending on the scope of work required. For example, virtual reality apps will cost considerably more than a typical 'calculator' based app purely due to the additional work and development required to design and build virtual reality assets. However as a rule of thumb, our average new build mobile app project costs approximately £15,000 plus or take £5,000 (all prices exclude VAT).