5 Reasons why an ecommerce app will boost your revenue

20 March 2017

Apps are a huge part of the modern market and they produce a large amount of revenue for anyone who uses them correctly. Here are our top 5 reasons why apps can produce more revenue for your business or company than your website.


1 – Apps are easy and quick to access:

Users can simply download and explore your brand even when they’re offline meaning that your business is more versatile and less hassle for consumers seeking a quick and effective path to purchase. Apps allow the user to access your store instantly, this direct approach allows users to avoid:

  • Opening the web browser
  • Typing in your web address (and potentially getting it wrong)
  • Manually searching for your webpage
  • Looking for the category of interest within your website

For a large base of users and more customers and consumers purchase goods and services via their smartphones and other mobile devices than desktop computers. This means that for any business looking to grow apps are the perfect answer to spreading awareness of your brand.


2 – Apps make use of device functionality:

GPS/Location tracking allows users to learn where their nearest store is as well as how much it will cost for your business to deliver the desired product to them. Although good for the user this allows you as a business to reduce distribution costs as you now know the location of your customer and can ship their product from your closest outlet, saving you time and money. In addition to this apps allow for great user feedback by allowing the user access to their mobile devices’ camera, this means that users can easily take a photo and upload it from their phone there and then rather than having to load up their desktop and upload images from there.


3 – Apps are professional and convenient:

Your brand is your business’ identity and thus you want it to look and feel professional. Apps have everything all in one place under your brand this looks and feels pleasing to your customer making users want to come back time after time, producing a steady stream of repeat users that you can draw from. With everything in one place your customers have no reason to go anywhere else and you can build a user base that is catered for by your brand, all through an app.


4 – Apps allow for personalised marketing:

Users will be able to be targeted for specific marketing campaigns based on their purchase history or interests displayed through their app usage. This means your business will be targeting the right users with the right products more often, leading to more sales and repeat users. In addition to this you can push promotions and sales you’re having to all app users simultaneously at the touch of a button, this type of personalised marketing makes your users feel valued as well as keeping them engaged with your latest products and offers making them more likely to revisit you with the intent to make a purchase.


5 – Buyer Behaviour:

Apps let your customers buy what they want, when they want, wherever they are. This spontaneous buyer mentality is a huge advantage for businesses as without an app you would be unable to access this market of buyers-on-the-go. However with an app you can help your users to buy what they need as soon as they need it, this is much faster and more efficient for customers who are constantly on the move and need to access things quickly and easily.



Apps allow you to access large numbers of new and repeat users in addition to being able to cater for specific users based on search and purchase history. As well as this apps give you the edge in an ever evolving market by allowing you access users who are constantly on the move whilst maintaining a strong and professional brand.