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Sales are the act of exchanging money for a product or service.


5 Reasons why an ecommerce app will boost your revenue

20 March 2017

Apps are a huge part of the modern market and they produce a large amount of revenue for anyone who uses them correctly. Here are our top 5 reasons why apps can produce more revenue for your business or company than your website.

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Adblockers – User Experience Paradise?

5 March 2017

Apple’s new mobile operating system allows users to install adblocker software that removes adverts, analytics and tracking while using Apple’s Safari browser. This decision has caused an uproar from the mobile and web advertising industry who claim that adblockers are a huge problem and this ultimately raises the question can we have a ‘free’ web without advertising?

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mCommerce – Revenue Titan

25 February 2017

The mobile share of eCommerce (mCommerce) is growing rapidly. Recent statistics of 1.4 billion eCommerce transactions from more than 3000 online retailers and travel businesses showing that 54% of mobile transactions within the US came from smartphones, of which 66% were via iPhones.

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