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Mobile is a short term for mobile-phone. Mobiles are typically mostly smart-phones that are powered by either Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating systems, and have run ‘app’s.


Mobile Analytics – What are they? How can they improve your app?

10 April 2017

With apps taking over the digital market you need your app to stand out, not just visually but with both user experience and user interface. You need your app to cater to your user’s needs simply, effectively and efficiently. Mobile analytics help you to do this by showing how users interact with your app as well as for how long they interact with specific segments of you app, allowing you to produce a final product that is everything your users need.

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iOS vs Android

25 March 2017

iOS (Apple’s operating system) and Android (Google’s operating system) are both options to develop for when producing an app but which should you choose? What are the advantages to each? Why should you develop for each? All are valid questions and commonly asked questions when we are asked about app development so we have decided to compare each and share our own personal thoughts.

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Hybrid vs Native Apps

5 March 2017

With mobile becoming a more mainstream marketing tool for businesses a lot of them are looking to push their brand mobile with some form of mobile app. Making a mobile app for your business is a big investment and so you want to make sure that you make the right app first time. But what type of app should you choose? A Native app or a Hybrid app could be what your business is looking for so its important to define what your business needs.

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Mobile Navigation the Do’s and Don’ts

25 February 2017

Navigation isn't as simple as it may first seem with many designers and developers falling into the same traps and pitfalls that users hate. Mobile navigation should be simple and easy to find as well as taking up little space on the already limited screen. Of course every mobile app is different and therefore requires different solutions but here are some of the main errors that users hate along with some alternative solutions.

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