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Analytics is the term used to describe data collected about an online marketing piece, which can then help explain behaviour, usage and impressions. Google Analytics is a commonly used analytical platform.


Making Affordable Website Design Payout

20 July 2017

Websites can be costly, however by designing and building them right, they can easily pay for themselves. That is why we have collated 5 short points to help guide you on your website design journey and to ensure you maximise your investment regardless of budget.

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Why your website designer should care about analytics

1 June 2017

Whilst all clients ask for Google Analytics, almost none of them frequently use it to its fullest extent. However this issue isn’t just limited to end users, marketing managers and business owners: designers can also suffer from a lack of analytics understanding.

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Scarily Slow Page Speeds

10 May 2017

Nothing is scarier than low engagement rates and a high bounce rate on your website. Although these statistics could be affected by a number of different variables, one of the main factors is the loading speed of your webpage, terrifying...

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Mobile Analytics – What are they? How can they improve your app?

10 April 2017

With apps taking over the digital market you need your app to stand out, not just visually but with both user experience and user interface. You need your app to cater to your user’s needs simply, effectively and efficiently. Mobile analytics help you to do this by showing how users interact with your app as well as for how long they interact with specific segments of you app, allowing you to produce a final product that is everything your users need.

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