Our App of the Month – Adobe Photoshop Fix

20 April 2017

Over the last month we have been testing and using a multitude of different apps from various developers all over the globe. So we thought why not share our thoughts and feeling on which app we have enjoyed and feel is the most useful for October. Thus we present to you Adobe Photoshop Fix, a free image editing app for iOS, however Adobe have confirmed an Android version of the app is in production.


Let me begin by saying that although Photoshop Fix (PF) is free you can pay for additional services to fully utilise this image editing tool.

PF unlike Adobe’s other Photoshop Mix (PM) app is targeted towards editing how the image looks rather than orientation aspects – the focus of PM. PF itself has a wide variety of editing tools however I will be focusing upon 2 in particular; Spot Healing and Liquify, not that these are the best rather they are, in my opinion, the most useful for general editing.

Spot Healing:

As the name suggests the Spot Healing tool is for correcting small blemishes and defective pixels within the image. Whether it be that unwanted hair on portraits or power lines over a perfect landscape by simply swiping across them there gone.

In addition to this PF has a colour mask that can be toggled on/off at the touch of a button to show you what you have selected as part of an edit. If you have used photoshop or other image editing software this should feel natural.


This tool is used  primarily when editing faces to adjust features that just aren’t quite right. For general users this is ideal to create the perfect selfies or if you’re using the app for a more business focus, you can edit the faces of those appearing on banners or on your website. Other than facial editing you can use Liquify to adjust colour and defocus portions of your image so that you can create a central focal point to your image.

Further Perks:

As I said above just because I focused on Spot Healing and Liquify doesn’t mean they are the only useful features. If you want to edit colours in more depth, then all the necessary tools are present and just incase you make a mistake you can easily restore the image to its former glory using the Restore tool.

When it comes to transferring your newly created masterpiece to desktop, PF saves all of your edits as individual layers, allowing for quickly accessible final edits.

One major question Adobe has is “why not just create one piece of software that does everything?” and although this seems like a good idea Adobe has given there reasons.

Adobe know that mobile and tablet editing will probably just be one step in the editing process and so that there will only be specific tasks that you will be needing on tablet. By creating a number of different apps Adobe have made it possible for you to download apps that perform the features you require as and when you need them. This cuts down the time taken trawling through every unneeded feature.

At the start of this review I talked about how the utility of PF could be improved with in-app purchases, as is the case for most free apps. However unlike most apps the payments aren’t specifically within the app, instead the payments are a type of interlink fee across all of Adobe’s library of software, for example to transfer all your files from your mobile device to you desktop would require a membership to Creative Cloud. Therefore PF itself is an amazing free image editing app that can be used by both the general consumer and businesses alike.


Overall we feel that this app should get more publicity for what it can do. For a free app Photoshop Fix is one of the best out there and therefore deserves to be shouted about. Hopefully this will prompt you to download this and try it out yourself.