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Why you should hire a Marketing Consultant

Let's face it: marketing is tough. Every decision counts. Whilst good at your job, there are times where a third person perspective is needed. Hiring a consultant can be a great way to see things from a different angle, and can be a very different experience than hiring a marketing agency.

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Hidden Hamburger menus and their invisible pain

Whilst popular on mobile websites, the hamburger trend is creeping its way to desktop layouts too as designers aim to simplify their website visuals. The trouble is, research indicates that Hamburger menus are more difficult to use and distract from navigation.

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Why we’re excited by what Apple failed to mentioned at the WWDC2017 Announcement

The 5th of June marked Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) and as previous years have demonstrated, it provides Apple with a chance to demo its latest SDK updates, the newest iOS, and update a series of product line ups with spec enhancements. Looking beneath the hood, we think Apple may be onto something with their iOS 11 SDKs. This is why we are excited by what Apple failed to mention at WWDC - and why it is predominantly a developer conference.

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Why your website designer should care about analytics

Whilst all clients ask for Google Analytics, almost none of them frequently use it to its fullest extent. However this issue isn’t just limited to end users, marketing managers and business owners: designers can also suffer from a lack of analytics understanding.

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How much does a website cost?

We get asked this question all the time: “James - you build websites right? How much will it cost me for a new one?”. To help answer this question, we updated our website with a dedicated page to help you understand exactly what your marketing budget will get you.

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Scarily Slow Page Speeds

Nothing is scarier than low engagement rates and a high bounce rate on your website. Although these statistics could be affected by a number of different variables, one of the main factors is the loading speed of your webpage, terrifying...

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Our App of the Month – Adobe Photoshop Fix

Over the last month we have been testing and using a multitude of different apps from various developers all over the globe. So we thought why not share our thoughts and feeling on which app we have enjoyed and feel is the most useful for October. Thus we present to you Adobe Photoshop Fix, a free image editing app for iOS, however Adobe have confirmed an Android version of the app is in production.

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Mobile Analytics – What are they? How can they improve your app?

With apps taking over the digital market you need your app to stand out, not just visually but with both user experience and user interface. You need your app to cater to your user’s needs simply, effectively and efficiently. Mobile analytics help you to do this by showing how users interact with your app as well as for how long they interact with specific segments of you app, allowing you to produce a final product that is everything your users need.

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A/B Split Testing – Path to a Better Product

A/B Testing (Split Testing) is a process whereby users are shown different versions of your website or app and then records how well each perform. The goal by monitoring the manner in which users interact with the page, is to see which version yields a higher conversion rate.

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iOS vs Android

iOS (Apple’s operating system) and Android (Google’s operating system) are both options to develop for when producing an app but which should you choose? What are the advantages to each? Why should you develop for each? All are valid questions and commonly asked questions when we are asked about app development so we have decided to compare each and share our own personal thoughts.

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5 Reasons why an ecommerce app will boost your revenue

Apps are a huge part of the modern market and they produce a large amount of revenue for anyone who uses them correctly. Here are our top 5 reasons why apps can produce more revenue for your business or company than your website.

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Innovation in the home – Apple TV

Apple’s hope of creating a more interactive and engaging home is becoming a more obtainable reality with Apple TV. With Apple TV including all the functions of Apple’s best selling smartphone (The iPhone) you can watch TV, stream video, play games as well as buy gifts, book holidays and even bank all via your television. This makes for a unique and engaging home entertainment system that meets all the requirements you would ever need from any smart device.

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