Category: UX

The abbreviated term for User Experience: is the condition of understanding how users perceive or interact with an end product, such as a website or app.


Hidden Hamburger menus and their invisible pain

15 June 2017

Whilst popular on mobile websites, the hamburger trend is creeping its way to desktop layouts too as designers aim to simplify their website visuals. The trouble is, research indicates that Hamburger menus are more difficult to use and distract from navigation.

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A/B Split Testing – Path to a Better Product

5 April 2017

A/B Testing (Split Testing) is a process whereby users are shown different versions of your website or app and then records how well each perform. The goal by monitoring the manner in which users interact with the page, is to see which version yields a higher conversion rate.

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Mobile Navigation the Do’s and Don’ts

25 February 2017

Navigation isn't as simple as it may first seem with many designers and developers falling into the same traps and pitfalls that users hate. Mobile navigation should be simple and easy to find as well as taking up little space on the already limited screen. Of course every mobile app is different and therefore requires different solutions but here are some of the main errors that users hate along with some alternative solutions.

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